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Soft Landings Program

Soft Landings Program is an integrated program established by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and business professionals. The program offers companies the opportunity to aggressively open the U.S. market at a fraction of the cost and time and will locate customers through existing sales channels and customer relationships.

IGP working through a number of time tested companies allows its clients immediate access to a wide range of services and skills they will need to successfully navigate entry into the U.S. market by companies with long histories of providing the right tools, experience and connections. 
IG Partners has the ability to help you identify and implement an array of business initiatives. A multi-dimensional group with vast experience, IGP can aid in troubled spots or augment your team with those mission-critical efforts that current resources would not allow. We have experience and have developed tools, proc­esses and systems for the control, growth and optimization of individuals, groups, divisions and companies.

Sales and Business Presence
without Heavy Initial Overhead

Faster Start-up

Could your business benefit from a quick, cost-effective entry into the huge markets of the United States?  Too many companies don't make the move because of the significant costs and infrastructure hurdles encountered when trying to address the single largest market in the world. Wouldn't it be easier to build your business using existing sales channels and known customers? Or, perhaps you have tried and found doing business in Melbourne Australia is different than Melbourne Florida.  That Paris France is not Paris Texas.  Or that what worked successfully in Bergen Norway fails in Bergen New Jersey.

Soft Landings can get you on the fast-track to substantial U.S. revenue, at a fraction of the normal cost and with minimal operational disruptions. Sorting through legal and regulatory requirements and then building your own team can be slow, expensive and risky when entering the immense and complicated U.S. market.  Why not start with an existing sales team managed by IGP and build your internal team based on success?

Profits Sooner

Do you have a great product and exciting domestic sales and are now ready to really expand your horizons?  Soft Landings Program provides and coordinates the full array of resources required to quickly ramp your U.S. operations and profits.  Leverage our existing sales channels and customer relationships to jump start your revenues. IGP provides successful start-up executives for your company when, where and as much as needed, eliminating the risks and fixed costs of hiring an executive team from thousands of miles away. Enterprise Law will establish your corporate entity, while BPM will seamlessly handle your bookkeeping, tax and audit requirements. Antenna Group will ensure your entrance into in the U.S. markets are visible and well-communicated

Outstanding Results

Soft Landings Program delivers unrivaled cost/performance. Your IGP executive will be an experienced entrepreneur who has survived the trials of launching and succeeded in growing businesses. He or she coordinates the IGP service partners to deliver a seamless, integrated ramp to profitability. IGP service partners have extensive international experience and will work with your local service providers to ensure collaboration, operational continuity, and cultural sensitivity. When you use IGP, you pay only for the services and time used, eliminating the need to establish a corporate infrastructure before your revenue base is established. This allows you to maximize capital, minimize risks, and accelerate growth.

Services and Partners


Management Services

  • Interim Management
  • Building a Board of Directors
  • Create Board of Advisors

Channel Development

  • Market Analysis
  • Develop/Implement Channel Strategies
  • Customer Driven Product Enhancement
  • Forge Partnership/Alliances


  • Contract
  • Corporate & Security Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Patent Litigation

Professional Accounting

  • Audit & Tax
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Security Registrations
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Audit and Planning

Public Relations

  • Trade Shows
  • Press Releases
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Communicate Value Proposition


  • Position & Organizational Design
  • Candidate Sourcing & Evaluation
  • Candidate Negotiations
  • Compensation & Benefit Design
  • Executive Team-building
  • Performance Analysis


Innovative Growth Partners, Inc.

IGP is a broad-based management firm that helps companies manage explosive growth, drives change in underperforming companies and enables international companies to ramp up US operations quickly. It has developed and coordinates the Soft Landing program.

Antenna Group

Antenna Group is a public relations firm specializing in media and analyst relations for technology innovators. Antenna helps companies establish and extend leadership positions in their markets and continue to shine in a competitive atmosphere.

Burr, Pilger, Mayer LLP

Burr, Pilger & Mayer is an accounting and business consulting firm providing a full range of services, from tax preparation and planning and assurance services and audits to business consulting services for organizations from start-up to process improvement.

Enterprise Law Group

Enterprise Law emphasizes company formation, financing, operations, strategic relationships, intellectual property, business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and dispute resolution. The firm helps foreign companies migrate to Silicon Valley.