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IG PartnersLeveraging Expertise for Competitive Advantage
Performance Program

In these times of rapid change and resource and management constraints, IG Partners can efficiently and effectively work with your organization and divisions to maximize their performance.

IG Partners has the ability to help you identify and implement an array of business initiative. A multi-dimensional group with vast experience, IGP can aid in troubled spots or augment your team with those mission-critical efforts that current resources would not allow. We have experience and have developed an array of tools, proc­esses and systems for the control, growth and optimization of individuals, groups, divisions and companies.

Sales not where you think they should be?
Is it people, product, service or systems? We have tools and knowledge to assess and correct the problem.
  • Analyze Sales Systems
  • Analyze and Augment Sales Channel flow
  • Review for Marketing / Technology and Sales compatibility
  • Third Party Review of Sales Personnel Maximization
  • Sales Compensation Setup and Analysis
Have a division not meeting expectations?
Is it leadership, resources, communication or competition? IG Partners has the experience to quickly understand the issues and to put together an action plan and help implementation.
  • Leadership Review and Mentoring
  • Competitive Analysis and Positioning
  • Communication Flow (Intra company and Outside company)
  • Resource Allocation Analysis
  • Third Party Review of Personnel and Organizational Dynamic
Products not getting to market on time?

Why is the product delayed, feature creep, resources, management / personnel, Project programming not keeping up, over budget etc. IG Partners have seen all of these issues and more and understands that speed to market with the right mix of resources is planning is key to success. We can help you bring those projects back on plan as well as determine their future validity.

Growth can present management with personnel, customer, technological and manufacturing opportunities. Our team has dealt with these issues, along with outsourcing and offshore manufacturing, operating organizations in Latin America, Asia, and Europe, as well as worldwide sales groups.

Let our experienced team solve the problems that never seem to get solved. We can help your company transition to even greater success.