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Information Systems & Technology

IGP believes that business processes, information systems and technology are strategic assets that can differentiate a business from its competition and result in a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Businesses that use information and technology to offer unique services or be faster, smarter or more cost effective than their competition will ultimately grow faster and be more profitable.

Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to recognize the competitive value of these assets and look at their information systems and technology as cost centers or “backroom operations” whose expense should be minimized. While we recognize that backroom operations are essential to every successful business we also recognize that backroom operations rarely differentiate your business from your competitor’s business. Computers, networks and applications like accounting, electronic mail and word processing are services that customers simply assume your business utilizes. Customers do not see your ability to send them an accurate invoice or communicate with them via email as value added services. However, there are other applications of information systems and technology that can provide significant value to your customers.

So how does a business identify these opportunities and maximize its return on its technology investment?  We believe the answer lies in the way a business manages information and technology services. Strategic application of systems and technologies requires participation by experienced technology executives on the senior management team. By participating at the board or executive level, experienced technology executives can identify ways to apply information systems and technology to business challenges and opportunities.

IGP helps its clients maximize the impact of its systems and technology investments through assessments and optimization of current systems, the development of focused strategic plans, reengineering or streamlining of business processes and implementation of new systems and technologies.